Whether its cigarettes, mildew, or even let’s face it body odor, certain “aromas” can linger in your clothes and sports gear even after washing. Our specialized dry wash treatment will get any stubborn odor out.


Whether its cigarettes, mildew, or even let’s face it body odor, certain “aromas” can linger in your clothes and sports gear even after washing. Our specialized dry wash treatment will get any stubborn odor out.


No byproducts making it safe for people, pets and the environment


Eliminates odor molecules at the source destroying them for good


Our patented process generates the maximum treatment output


No Mess
Pro Grade
Made In USA

Don't just cover - Eliminate foul odors at their source

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Treatment Kit + Reuseable Bag

1 Hour Instant Treatment
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Replacement Treatment Kit

1 Hour Instant Treatment
Includes treatment packet and tray

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De-Stink Funky Smells from Clothing and Gear ... For Good!

No matter how many times you wash (and wash), air-out, spray, and yet that offensive stink just won't go away. Clothes and sports gear are a breeding ground for bacteria, but this is no match for Dead Scent patented CLO2 dry wash. The key is that our tiny odor eliminating molecules get into every nook and cranny eradicating smells at the source.

Odors We Annihilate

Bacteria Odor
Smoke & Tobacco
Fire Damage
Septic & Sewer

Musty Spaces
Paint & VOC’s
Fish Odor

Cooking & Food


Customers Who Smelled the Difference!

Smells So Much Fresher!

I used one in my van, and the owner before me was a smoker and I travel with my dog. It definitely smells so much fresher after a treatment!

— Amy G.


We placed Dead Scent into the most disgusting grounds crew camping trailer that smelled of months long BO in the worst way! Result, there is no longer the BO smell and a very clean scent in the air. Trust me with Dead Scent results you've got yourself a hell of a great deodorizing product!

— Jim Walczak, Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Fish Smell, No More

After a fried fish dinner in the vehicle, the lingering smell was unbearable. Tried everything to get it out, only Dead Scent did the trick.

— Donna B

Abolish Odors with Science

Dead Scent uses a patented CLO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) technology that safely, effectively and permanently removes odors.

CLO2's extra small molecules penetrate deeper into fabrics, soft and hard surfaces. It's non-toxic, leaves no residue and no VOCs.

Learn More About CLO2

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Common FAQs

How long does a treatment take?

A Dead Scent clothing and sports gear treatment takes only 1 hour but for even stronger results you can leave it in the treatment bag longer.

What size space do I need to use Dead Scent In?

For the quickest and most effective treatment we recommend using our reusable treatment bag as its sized specifically for your wearable clothes and gear.

You may use an area approximately but not larger than 65 sq. ft. This area should be sealed, secured and enclosed (i.e. no access allowed by people or pets and no other clothing) space such as a small closet, a small bathroom or the inside of a vehicle.

Note: The treatment when completed needs to have time to safely air-out with no one around. This takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

What do I need to do before and after using Dead Scent?

It's important to generally clean the clothing and sports gear so as to remove any sources of existing odors (ie. food left in a pocket). The Dead Scent CLO2 process works best out of sunlight and in a temperature of 50° or higher. You can heat the space up if needed before a treatment.

Because Dead Scent contains no byproducts what remains after the treatment is refined sodium which leaves no residue. This means you don't need to do anything after a treatment. No mess or clean up and the space after air-out is compeletly safe for people and pets.

What does Dead Scent smell like?

Dead Scent CLO2 is often describe as a chlorine like smell, similiar to a pool. Once a treatment is finished you should smell this essence letting you know it worked. Typically after about 24 hours this scent completely disappears and you will smell nothing, including the odors you were treating.

I need to treat a different type of space, can I use Dead Scent?

Most times Dead Scent can be used in difference scenarios. Please contact us and we can guide you on what best to purchase.

What is your return policy?

We stand behind our product and your satisfaction is important to us! Unopen and unused orders can be accepted within 30 days of your purchase. You will need to contact us directly at info@deadscent.com. For more information on our return policy click here.

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