How to Eliminate Odors in Your Cabin or Tiny Home

How to Eliminate Odors in Your Cabin or Tiny Home

When you live in a small space like a cabin or a tiny home, bad smells get amplified. Offensive odors don’t have room to disperse. The smell of garbage, dirty laundry, pet odors, and cooking food can all combine to leave your home smelling less than fresh.
Lighting candles and spraying air freshener only adds to the mix instead of eliminating the underlying problems.


Reasons Your House Stinks


Food contributes to bad smells in your small living space in a lot of different ways:

  • Garbage
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage disposal/ sink drain
  • Refrigerator

Food smells get funky fast and could be contributing to the odors in your cabin or tiny home. Even cooking, especially foods like bacon and garlic, can make for a weird smell in your home.



Dirty laundry is an obvious issue. But wet towels and stale sheets and blankets can also cause your house to smell less fresh.

Upholstery and curtains are also overlooked culprits. Fabrics tend to pick up and hold odors. After a while, fabrics and laundry can make your house smell musty and gross.



This one probably comes as no surprise. Furry friends make your house smell a bit wild. Even if you keep your pet nice and clean with regular baths and grooming, their fur can still get into the carpet, and they track in dirt and dust.

Animals that use litter, whether for bathroom purposes or as a cage lining, add to a home’s aroma … and not in a good way.



Mold and mildew show up where there is moisture. If you smell a musty, moldy smell, check your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room first.

Seasonal homes may also have a musty stale smell after being closed up for a season. Moisture builds up and doesn't have a chance to escape. The air gets stale and odors from past season visits can get trapped inside.



Unfortunately, animals can get into attics, crawl spaces, and walls and die. When this happens, your home can start to smell pretty bad.

It is a good idea to walk around the outside of your house and check for entry points. If you see obvious signs of entry, you’ll need to patch things up or you could have a real and continuous problem on your hands.


How to Eliminate Odors in Your Small Home



You should regularly air out your home by opening windows and doors. A closed up house will naturally start smelling stale even if you don’t have any offensive odors adding to the mix.

On nicer days in the winter, this is especially true. It’s easy to keep your home sealed up during colder months as you hunker down indoors. But on sunny days, try to make a point of opening some windows for a bit to allow your home to breathe.

If your cabin is a seasonal home, airing things out should be one of the first things you do. It’s important to let some fresh air in and let the pinned up stale air out.



This is probably obvious, but if your home is smelly, it’s time to do some cleaning. To really get your home smelling nice and fresh, you’re going to need to go a little bit further than just a quick sweep and vacuum.

Make sure there isn’t any food lingering in your sink drain. Deep clean you sink, garbage disposal, and refrigerator. It’s a good idea to scrub down your trash can periodically, too.

Wash all your linens: towels, wash rags, sheets, and blankets. You might even want to take down your curtains and wash them occasionally.

If your tiny home or cabin has carpet, you should vacuum regularly and steam clean at least once a year.

If you have a front loading washing machine, you will need to clean it regularly, too. Front loaders can start smelling after a while.

Clean up after your pets. This will vary depending on what kind of pet(s) you have. If they live in a cage, clean their space on a regular basis. This is good for your home and your pet. Clean out litter boxes BEFORE they get smelly. Keep your pet groomed, professionally or at home. Although you shouldn’t bathe them every day, a monthly bath can keep them smelling nice and fresh.



Mold can be a big problem. If you suspect your home has mold, you should call in a professional to help eradicate the problem. When it comes to mold, you don’t want to DIY. You could end up causing the mold to release spores that can harm your health and make your mold problem worse.

Although dead animals don’t require professional help, sometimes it’s necessary. If you can find the animal causing the offensive odor, make sure you use gloves and wash up afterwards. If an animal has died in the walls … a professional can help you take care of the problem or at least advise you.



Products like Dead Scent allow you to treat the entire interior of your cabin or tiny home with just one treatment. It’s an easy, safe, mess-free way to get your home smelling nice again.

Even after you air out your space, deep clean, and remove any offending odor sources, smells can still linger in your home. Dead Scent uses CLO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) technology to completely eliminate odors.

How does it work?

Dead Scent uses a process called oxidation to alter the structure of the molecules that create the foul smells rendering them odor-less. Small odor molecules like smoke can be especially difficult to remove. Smoke molecules are so small they become embedded in surfaces and stay there even after being cleaned. But even these small odor molecules are no match for Dead Scent because CLO2 is not only smaller than smoke molecules but in gas form it can get into hidden nooks and hard to reach areas. In this way, it can eliminate and disinfect areas that are otherwise hard or impossible to reach.

Dead Scent works better than other products using ozone because it breaks down into salt and water after treatment. That means it’s safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

Dead Scent is easy to use, and designed so you don’t have to worry about handling the CLO2 with your bare hands.

It’s effective at eliminating odors caused from just about anything including mold and mildew, fungi, paint, pets and skunks, fish, cooking, sewer, and smoke.



There is nothing worse than a smelly home. It can even become a source of embarrassment. Once you identify the source of the problem, it makes it easy to find a solution. Even when you're dealing with a hard to eliminate odor that lingers even after a deep clean, Dead Scent saves the day.