About Us

At Dead Scent, we have a few simple values that help us stay true to our mission.

Get the stink out.

Be safe for people and pets.

Do no harm to the environment.


Where It All Started

Chris, co-founder of Dead Scent, is a dedicated hunter and avid outdoorsman.

As a hunter, he was always looking for ways to see more game, bag more deer, and generally keep his freezer stocked with fresh-harvested meat. In short, he wanted to be a better hunter.

He read articles in top hunting magazines. He listened to the hunting greats like Michael Waddell, Tiffany Lakosky, and Mark Drury. And he tried to pick out what they all did differently.

Scent control came up time and time again. It was time he gave it a try, too.

So he started experimenting with scent elimination sprays. He bought expensive scent control camouflage. He bathed with scent-free soaps, used odor-less deodorant, and washed his clothes using scent-free laundry detergent. He kept his hunting clothes and boots and gear away from smelly human scents.

He used cover scents, that even with careful use, left him smelling like “doe estrus” (his wife was thrilled), hung scent eliminators in blinds, and even tried cover scents that mimicked the “aroma of fall apples” …

And it all worked to a degree – but he thought, there’s got to be something better.

Something that isn’t harsh on expensive hunting camo like ozone.

Something that works double time – drawing game in while completely eliminating human-related smells.

He got talking to one of his close friends and hunting buddies. After a poor day of hunting in shifting winds, they started bouncing around ideas of what they could possibly buy to help them bring in the deer.

Then the thought came to them, ‘Too bad there isn’t something out there that you can use to eliminate your scent while at the same time replacing bad odors with ones that the deer would like.’

Before they knew it they were discussing their ideas with the friend’s dad – a chemist. The conversation led to CLO2, or chlorine dioxide. The friend's dad, Mel, started getting excited.

CLO2 is a really interesting chemical compound – especially in gas form. It uses a unique process called “electron swapping” to steal electrons from odor molecules – completely rendering the molecule odorless.

It eliminates the smell at its source. And it won’t smell again.

But what is really interesting for hunters – is that the after product is NaCL — a refined salt. Game animals LOVE salt!

Chris and his friend worked with a team, and Dead Scent was born.

Of course, Chris had to try the product out himself. He wasn’t looking at putting out just another run-of-the-mill scent elimination product that promises more than it delivers.

He treated his clothes with Dead Scent and left all the other scent elimination products out of the equation. He even chose not to use cover scents or baits.

He tested Dead Scent in an area that had been very sporadic with deer movement. Many times he wouldn’t see anything while in the woods in this area.

Of course, those times he was just using a basic spray-on scent eliminator.

Guess what?

He saw more deer than he ever had before.

With Dead Scent, his hunting became very engaging, and he had deer walking right up to his stand. They didn’t have a clue he was there! They walked in as if they were being drawn in. He attributes this to Dead Scent’s scent elimination and attractant capabilities.

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Scent Elimination for All

Dead Scent is an amazing product for hunters, no doubt. But Chris and his team had other smelly situations in their lives.

Cars wreaking of spilled and spoiled milk. Boats forever smelling a bit fishy. Campers and RVs that scared away wildlife and humans, alike, with their amalgam of funky smells.

So they decided to see if Dead Scent worked as well on these other smelly scenarios as it did on hunting clothes.

The results were amazing. Offensive odors were completely gone. After a car, room, camper, or boat was aired out … and the refined salt smell dissipated … it was pure freshness.

It’s not that surprising. Deer have 297 million scent receptors in their noses, making them highly sensitive to any smell. It’s estimated that a deer’s sense of smell is 100x greater than a human’s.

And other game animals are even more sensitive. By designing a product that eliminates odors for game animals, we discovered a product that works even better at removing offensive odors in other areas.

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