How to Remove Smoke Smell From Your Car

How to Remove Smoke Smell From Your Car

(The Only Real Way to Eliminate Odors)

Why is smoke hard to get rid of?

Smoke is one of the most potent and problematic odors to remove. Smoke particles are so small they penetrate upholstery, carpet and even hard surfaces.

That’s why surface disinfectants and cleaners, fabric fresheners and air fresheners just don’t cut it.

Deep cleaning has a lot of benefits, and it’s never a bad idea. But vacuuming and disinfecting just don’t work when it comes to smoke. The good news is the solution is actually much easier than all that.

The solution to completely eliminate odors from smoke in your car is Dead Scent.


“Solutions” That Don’t Work

Old Wives Remedies

These are remedies that are super appealing because you can use household and “cleaning” products. Unfortunately, they do nothing to actually remove cigarette smoke and smoke damage.

Things like:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Coffee beans


Surface Cleaners

Disinfectants and fabric fresheners are deceptive. They often temporarily do the trick. The problem is they only treat the surface.

Smoke molecules have the ability to get deep down into fabrics, carpets and hard surfaces (like dashboards) that these surface cleaners don’t affect.

That means that the odors come back pretty quickly.


Air Fresheners

Air fresheners always smell so nice, but they do nothing to eliminate odors. And at best they only help freshen the air.

They may temporarily cover bad smells, but you end up needing to spend more and more money without ever solving your problem. And some air fresheners just make the problem worse by mixing with smoke and other bad smells to create a uniquely bad fragrance.


Ozone Versus Dead Scent

Ozone and Dead Scent both eliminate odor-causing molecules using a method called oxidation.

But that is where the similarities end.

Ozone can actually damage rubber, plastics, fabrics, paints and metal. And ozone generators can be prohibitively expensive.

Dead Scent, on the other hand, uses ClO2 to get deep down in surfaces to obliterate tough odors like smoke completely.

And it eliminates the molecules of odor-causing compounds in your car while being …

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Backed by leading science

That’s because ClO2 is more effective, works faster, and is less harmful to humans and the environment than ozone.

Ozone is toxic. So an area must be sealed and vacated for up to 3 days and it leaves a lingering smell that can last even longer.

Dead Scent naturally breaks down into salt and water. Complete odor treatment only takes 8 to 12 hours and can be easily accomplished overnight. And once treatment is completed the area is safe for humans and animals.

Dead Scent is 2X smaller than ozone particles, so it is more effective at removing odors at their source.



If your car smells of old cigarette smoke or has smoke damage, Dead Scent is a fast and effective way to remove bad odors.

Treat your car overnight, and wake up to a car smelling fresher than you could ever imagine.

A faint smell of chlorine lets you know the treatment worked. And the chlorine smell dissipates quickly once you air out your vehicle. Leaving nothing but odor-free freshness behind.